Mobilities for Professors

Mobilities for Professors

Erasmus+ programme offers to teachers the opportunity to undertake stages of teaching at universities in other countries participating at the programme, providing both organizational environment and grants for the partial financing of the travel cost.
Exchanges of teachers within the Erasmus+ programme have as objectives:

- to allow those who have not been able to benefit from an internship to study abroad to take part in educational activities led by a teacher in a higher education institution in another European country;

- to promote exchanges of experiences and teaching methods;

- to encourage universities to broaden and improve its range of courses they offer and their contents;

- to give teachers opportunities for professional development;

- to contribute to strengthening relations of cooperation between the partner universities.

The participant teacher must be included in the department / faculty of the destination university. Before starting mobility, a Teaching Agreement will be closed between the two universities and the respective teacher. It will specify the objectives of mobility, number of teaching hours and the actual content of educational activities to be held abroad.
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