Examination procedure for the 2023 admission competition

Examination procedure for the 2023 admission competition

The dates and times of the competition for all study programs are:

  • for Medicine (360 credits) and Dentistry (360 credits): 23rd July 2023 
  • for Pharmacy (300 credits), General Nursing (240 credits), Balneo-Physiokinetic Therapy and Recovery (180 credits), Radiology and Imaging (180 credits) and Dental Technique (180 credits): 26th July 2023 

Candidates shall be present at the competition venue at least 60 minutes before the start of the test in order to have proper access to the building and to be seated in the competition hall.


Candidates who do not show up as scheduled will lose the right to take the entrance exam of the session they were registered for.

In order to enter the competition hall, candidates must bring their valid ID card, or passport if they have an expired ID card. 

Candidates must have memorized/noted the code generated by the registration platform and the ID number assigned by the competition commission.


At the beginning of the competition each candidate will receive the following materials from the hall supervisor:

  • a double-page, self-copy, answer grid and instructions for completing the grid tests;
  • paper for drafts;
  • black ballpoint pen;
  • a notebook with topics.

The time allocated for the grid is counted from the moment the subject booklets have been distributed and it is forbidden to exceed the time set for the preparation of the grids. It is forbidden for candidates to use mini-computers, slide rules and other calculating devices during the competition.

At the end of the competition, the mark sheet will be displayed.

Admission is made in descending order of the final admission marks obtained by the candidates, within the limit of the number of places for which the competition is organized, established for each study program.

In the event of equal final admission scores, the following criteria will be used as criteria of differentiation as follows: overall average of the baccalaureate exam, average of years of study.

Any possible appeals regarding the result of the admission competition must be submitted exclusively online, by e-mail to the Deans of the faculties where they applied, within 24 hours of the results being posted, according to the procedures established by the Central Admission Commission. The deadline for resolving and replying to appeals is no later than 2 days after the deadline for submitting appeals.


Grid correction procedure:

- Each question gives five answer choices (a,b,c,d,e) of which one or more are correct. The candidate chooses the correct answers and marks them in the appropriate place on the grid. Marking is done by completely blackening the circle with a black pen.

- There are two categories of questions: with one correct answer (simple complement) and with 2, 3 or 4 correct answers (multiple complement). Simple complement questions are marked in the question book with * before the question number.

- For each question a direct score is obtained in proportion to the number of matches with the correct grid as follows:

a) for simple complement questions:
for 5 matches 1 x the question mark is awarded;
- 0 otherwise.
b) for multiple complement questions:
- marking 0, 1 or 5 answers results in the question being cancelled (0 marks);
- 0.2 x number of matches x question score.

Each question is awarded 5 marks.

The mark is calculated to 2 decimal places without rounding according to the formula:

1+ 9 x score obtained/maximum score. 




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