Career Counselling and Guidance Centre

Career Counselling and Guidance Centre







The Career Counselling and Guidance Centre has as its fundamental aim the counselling and career guidance of the students of our University, a mission as difficult as it is challenging and beautiful. As arguments for these assessments, we have at our disposal the descriptions of the specific activities of medical education, as well as those relating to the career development of a medical professional.


Our activities are carried out by three psychologists, a sociologist and a trainer and are aimed at representatives of three categories of beneficiaries: future students of the U.M.F. of Craiova (students in their final years who are interested in a medical career and need additional information, clarification or even professional guidance in this regard), our students (who request assistance to improve the teaching activity, this involving training for learning, educational counselling or therapeutic counselling) and our graduates.


For the last category, we are still experimenting with ways of intervention and support, as for few of them the theories and strategies often used in this field are applied, for understandable reasons. We are therefore still discovering new ways of providing career guidance and counselling to doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, midwives and balneophysiokinetotherapists, as this is a 'dry land' on which the first steps are only now being taken. So we rely heavily on the guiding skills of our colleagues at Asociaţia Absolvenţilor U.M.F. din Craiova.


CCOP Director: psychologist Dan Nechita



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