Prosthetic restorations with implant support

Prosthetic restorations with implant support


Starting with the academic year 2022/2023 the Master's program Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support will be carried out over a period of 2 years, accumulating a total of 120 ECTS credits!!!




Starting from the main objective of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova (UMFCV) defined as "providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education and training in the medical field in line with the university's aspirations to strengthen its position as a national academic institution of reference in the field of health sciences, in which intellectual and professional development is constantly stimulated through appropriate programs, starting with the academic year 2009-2010, our institution has started the postgraduate master's degree program PROSTHETIC RESTORATIONS WITH IMPLANT SUPPORT.




The initiative to organize the Master Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support was based on several aspects:

- Oral implantology has today become a core specialty of modern dentistry;

- The realization of implant-supported prosthetic restorations is an important phase in the rehabilitation of patients undergoing implant-supported dental treatment;

- the best results in implant-prosthetic treatment are obtained where oro-dental surgery is accompanied and complemented by a good theoretical and practical knowledge of implant prosthetics;

- offering the possibility to the graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry / Stomatology to deepen and implement in their own practices modern techniques of implant prosthetic rehabilitation, etc.


Specific objectives

The Master's program in RPSI promotes the idea of lifelong acquisition of competences complementary to the initial training. The specific objective of the Master in Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support consists in the training and development of complementary competences to the initial medical training of the students, in order to improve the efficiency of health services, in conditions of high quality of medical care or research activity. The program is addressed to students with initial training in the medical field, graduates of the specializations of Dentistry / Stomatology. The main objectives of the program are:

- gaining general and specialized knowledge, master students will be familiarized with the latest knowledge in areas such as: anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity, occlusology, biomaterials, oral implantology, prosthetics;

-  identification of patients whose general condition and endooral status allow them to benefit from implant-prosthetic treatment;

- learning and perfecting the latest surgical techniques to prepare the bone support for the insertion of dental implants;

- training graduates for doctoral studies, a condition which becomes mandatory once the principles of higher education organization in the European Union are applied in Romanian education, etc.


Educational facilities

The material base of U.M.F. Craiova corresponds to the standards of a quality instructional-educational process. The learning process will take place in the learning spaces of the U.M.F. Craiova. Due to the modular nature of the teaching plan, the spaces for theoretical training and practical preparation will be used exclusively by the students of the Master's program, avoiding overlapping with students from the specializations of the U.M.F. Craiova.


Each lecture room in the U.M.F. Craiova has the necessary didactic facilities: blackboard, slide projector, overhead projector, epidias projector, video projector, projection screen, and the large lecture halls have sound and air conditioning. The laboratories have enough space and teaching material, the informatics disciplines are equipped with an adequate number of computers necessary for practical training and connected to high-speed INTERNET. The laboratories and clinical bases used by U.M.F. Craiova and which will be made available to the students benefit from the appropriate technical equipment, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 88/1993.

Social services

The students of the Master will be able to use the services of the dormitories and canteen managed by U.M.F. Craiova within the limit of available places. Master's students will be able to use the sports center managed by U.M.F. Craiova, as well as the cultural services of this institution, having access to the U.M.F. Craiova Choir.  

Financial activities

The budget of the master program Prosthodontic restorations with implant-supported prosthodontic restorations is an integral part of the budget of the Faculty of Dentistry of U.M.F. Craiova, the latter being the institution that has legal personality. Within the University's budget, the funds allocated to the Faculty of Dentistry and implicitly to the Master program in RPSI will be directly proportional to the number of students.

Teaching staff

It is represented by the teaching and practical training staff of the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as by associated teaching staff from UMF "Carol Davila" Bucharest, and from other institutions in the country.


Program duration and subjects studied

The Master's program in Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support has a duration of 2 semesters. 


General conditions:

·          be a Romanian citizen or a citizen of one of the EU or EEA member states; 

·          have completed a higher education program with a bachelor's degree in a specific Master's profile.



The tuition fee is 4800 RON / year and can be paid in two installments, in the first 10 days of the semester.


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