Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical sciences connect, develop and innovate. Established in 1996, the Faculty of Pharmacy stands for degree programmes focused on teaching and research excellence in a field of openness and great opportunity.


The Faculty of Pharmacy is an important, identifiable component of the academic forum of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova and has the following general attributes:


                    ▪ undergraduate field: Health;

                    ▪ undergraduate programme: Pharmacy;

                    ▪ form of education: day;

                    ▪ duration of studies: five years;

                    ▪ diploma awarded: bachelor of Pharmacy.

FFUMFCV graduates can apply:

  • for postgraduate courses organized by the faculty in pharmaceutical and medical specialties (offer updated annually);
  • for the one-year Master's program in "Pharmacology and Toxicology" (60 credits);
  • for the Master's program in "Clinical Laboratory and Drug Analysis", two years (120 credits);
  • for doctoral studies (two specialties), studies on a budgeted or fee-paying basis;
  • for the residency competition organized annually by the Ministry of Health: theoretical and practical training in the specialties of Clinical Pharmacy, General Pharmacy and Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Laboratory Analysis, for three years.

The facilities in the lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories provide a suitable setting for modern, student-centred teaching. The laboratories are equipped with equipment and computing technology appropriate to the current standards and state of development of scientific knowledge. The recently modernised classrooms have technical equipment for learning, teaching and communication, facilitating the work of the teaching staff and the receptiveness of each student. Through access to the library, the Faculty of Pharmacy provides adequate learning resources in classical and/or electronic format.

By opening up to the development of pharmacy education in a European context, the "Pharmacy in English" study programme, authorised by ARACIS following the evaluation visit in June 2013, combines the already established educational offer of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the modern line of teaching (in the first three years) in a widely spoken international language.


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