About UMF Craiova

About UMF Craiova

General information

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, through its faculties and specializations of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, is an academic institution in which the educational component is predominant, but in which scientific research must gain in size and substance, with the definite prospect of balancing the two components in the medium term.

At the same time, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova must become the pivot of health care, both methodologically and in terms of practical specialist activities, in the historical region of Oltenia.

Actively informing, raising awareness and increasing the active involvement of the academic body, students and the administrative apparatus of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova in the implementation of national strategies for the development of higher education, in achieving the objectives of the Bologna Declaration, adopted in 1999, including by Romania, and the declarations of subsequent European high-level educational meetings (Prague - 2001, Berlin - 2003, Bergen - 2005, Lisbon).

One of the important activities that UMF Craiova proposes for the future is to develop, diversify and support all forms of post-graduate training (residency, masters, doctorate, refresher courses, post-graduate courses to update knowledge, courses to obtain skills, etc.), including e-learning, and to ensure the conditions for residency training in as many of the recognized specialties as possible.  

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova is organized into four faculties:

The Faculty of Medicine has a specialization in Medicine (6 years) and the last class of Physiokinetotherapy (5 years). The Faculty of Dentistry specialises in Dental Medicine (6 years). The Faculty of Pharmacy specialises in Pharmacy (5 years). The Faculty of Midwives and Nursing has four specialisations: Midwives(4 years), General Nursing (4 years), Dental Technique (3 years) and Balneophysiokinetotherapy and Recovery (3 years), respectively a branch in Drobeta Turnu Severin for the General Nursing specialisation. 

The current Master's degree program is "Management of Health Facilities" with a duration of 4 semesters.

As of 01.10.2009, 4 more master programs will open their doors, as follows:

  • Medical biostatistics
  • Prosthetic restorations with implant support
  • Development of community nursing services
  • Pharmacology and toxicology

A Master's program in Pregnancy and Newborn Management is in the process of being accredited, as well as a Master's program aimed mainly at graduates in Balneophysiokinetotherapy and Recovery.

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