Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry


Our graduates are building brilliant careers. The Faculty of Dentistry in Craiova is among the strongest in the country and excels through world-class international partnerships. 

There are two specializations at the Faculty of Dentistry: two undergraduate programs: Dentistry and Dental Technique and the master program: Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support.

The faculty has two departments as core functional units, which bring together 57 tenured teachers:

  • Department 1 - which includes the disciplines of General Medicine, Dental Prosthodontics, Oral Rehabilitation, Prosthodontic Technology, Dental Materials, Morphology of the Stomatognathic System.

  • Department 2 - which includes the disciplines of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentistry, Endodontics, Pedodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Prevention, Oral Pathology, Periodontology and Oral Health.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine Craiova trains 471 students for the specialization in Dentistry, 94 students for the specialization in Dental Technique as well as 20 students for the Master's program.               

The material base is excellent and designed in accordance with the number of students and the standards required for dentistry education. We improve and strengthen it every year. The Faculty of Dentistry is in full institutional development and the regular acquisition of modern dental equipment is one of the strategic actions of the University. 

The academic year is structured in two semesters of 14 weeks each for years I and II and 15 weeks each for years III - VI, with an average of 28 hours per week; each semester is allocated 30 ECTS credits. Students are assessed by written or oral examinations, which are held in sessions included in the curriculum structure.

For the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, the university studies are completed by a bachelor's exam; the bachelor's programs are accredited, and there are institutional mechanisms for the approval of study programs with periodic evaluation and monitoring. Upon completion of the studies, the graduates acquire the right to free practice in the specialization studied.

Graduates can continue their training through residency, doctoral and master studies or postgraduate courses within the educational offer of the Faculty of Dentistry.

A permanent concern of the faculty is post-graduate training, therefore the Faculty of Dentistry Craiova organizes post-graduate courses and other scientific events.

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