Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing

We are young, we are dynamic, we are among the best. University education for the training of general medical nurses began at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova in 1999, with the establishment of the University College of Medicine (CUM), under the leadership of the director Dr. Fl. Cornițescu, in accordance with Law 88 of 1993 on the accreditation of higher education institutions and following the Order of the Ministry of National Education no. 4051 of 29 June 1998 on the establishment of university medical colleges.

The Faculty of Midwives and Nursing (FMAM) was established by GD no. 635/11.06.2008 and is the youngest educational form of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova.

Since 2012, the Faculty of Midwives and Nursing has three study programmes: Nursing,  Midwives and Balneophysiokinetotherapy. 30 tenured professors train 594 students (447 in the Nursing specialization), 68 in the Midwives specialization and 79 in the Balneophysiokinetotherapy specialization.

Our graduates can become excellent professionals, recognised specialists in the relevant field. The teaching disciplines provide general and domain-specific competences in correlation with the competences of Master's degree studies, are compatible with the national qualifications framework and with similar EU Programmes, the weighting of the disciplines being expressed in ECTS study credits.

Graduates of our Faculty can also continue their training through Master's studies. In the academic year 2009-2010 the Master's programme Development of Community Nursing Services was accredited. The Master's programme opens up the possibility for nurses to systematically carry out research work and offers them the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies and to participate directly in the teaching activity of the Faculty.


Source: Tudorel Ciurea, Mihai Caragea, 50 years of higher medical education in Craiova - from faculty to university, University Medical Publishing House



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