"Every day is IBD Day". 19 - 24 May. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Week at UMF Craiova

"Every day is IBD Day". 19 - 24 May. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Week at UMF Craiova

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova is organising the IBD Awareness Week "Every day is IBD Day" from 19-24 May. The week kicked off on 19 May, when the implications, problems and solutions for preventing, protecting and improving the quality of life of IBD patients are being brought to the public's attention around the world. From 19 May, the buildings of UMF Craiova are lit up in purple, the colour that symbolises this spectrum of diseases. Inflammatory bowel disease means the occurrence of inflammation in the intestinal wall. They can start at any age, but more commonly occur in people around the ages of 15-35 and 55-65. Inflammatory bowel diseases are highly complex diseases whose onset involves genetic inheritance, the microbiome and autoimmune functions.

Precisely because it is a condition with a severe impact on the quality of life, UMF Craiova decided to dedicate a week of events to raise awareness and draw attention to the disease and the people affected. During these days, several workshops will be organised for specialists, students and patients. Several podcasts will also be published, especially with patient opinion leaders, to support community building and information flow.

UMF Craiova also has a centre dedicated to patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD-UMFCv), which provides and improves access for people with this pathology to specialists in gastroenterology and related fields, and also to provide individualized diagnosis and treatment based on their own experience and current specialist guidelines.

The centre's team includes physicians and specialists experienced in the care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease: gastroenterologists, surgeons, imagists, rheumatologist, dermatologist, pulmonologist, clinical pharmacist, psychologist, nutritionist, specialized nurses. They work at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy and/or the Craiova Emergency Clinical Hospital.


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