DCNS Generality

DCNS Generality





Master's Degree in Nursing "Development of Community Nursing" is a form of organization of the second cycle of university studies proposed by the Faculty of midwives and nurses from Craiova.



Initiative of organizing the Master Development Community nursing services was based on several issues:

- The increasing demand for nurses in all areas of health care;

- Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice site, the practice of Public Health, health promotion and primary health care;

- Helping individuals, families and communities in achieving the best health;

- Providing and promoting life styles through education;

- Public awareness and community activities.


Specific objectives

Master's program promotes the acquisition DSNC throughout life, skills complementary initial training. The specific objective of the Master in Development Community nursing services consist of additional training and skill development of students' initial medical training in order to improve health services more efficient, high quality in terms of medical or research activity. The program is for students with initial training in nursing, graduates of medical specialties.


The main objective this form of education are:

- The acquisition of theoretical knowledge during training to make possible further scientific understanding of community nursing process, addressing the inndivizilor and groups of healthy and sick, this allows individual accountability for work after graduating from nursing master's program;

- The acquisition during the training of communication skills needed to apply depending on the specific care of the individual, family or community to which it belongs;

- The acquisition during the preparation of a broad palette of techniques and general care and identify the specific skills of each individual student for the Community Nursing;

- The acquisition during the preparation of individual attitudes and behaviors towards care, their dependents thereof, and colleagues compared the care team.

Educational spaces

The material basis of U.M.F. Craiova meet the standards of conduct of a quality educational process. Education process will be conducted in areas of heritage education in Pharmacy Craiova. Because of that it will be modular curriculum, space for theoretical and practical training will be used exclusively by students of the master program, avoiding duplication with the students of university specializations UMF Craiova.

Providing material

Each classroom in endowment U.M.F. Craiova necessary teaching facilities: the blackboard, dia projector, overhead projector, epidiascope, projector, screen and large lecture rooms have air conditioning and sound system. Laboratories have enough space and teaching materials, computer courses are provided with an adequate number of computers necessary practical training and high-speed Internet connection. Laboratories and clinical bases used by UMF Craiova and will be available to students benefit from appropriate technical equipment, in accordance with Law no. 88/1993.

Social Services

Master students will benefit homes and canteen services administered by UMF Craiova availability. Students can use the Master of Pharmacy administered Sports Craiova, and cultural services of this institution, with access in Coral Pharmacy Craiova.

Financial Activities

Master's program budget in the Development of Community Nursing Faculty budget is part of midwives and nurses from UMF Craiova, the latter being the institution which has legal personality. University in the budget, the funds of the Faculty of Midwifery and Nursing and the Master in DSNC default will be directly proportional to the number of students.


Is the body of teaching and training staff who work practice in the School of Midwifery and Nursing, as well as associated teachers of the University of Craiova, as well as other institutions in the country and abroad.

Duration and subjects studied

Masters Program in Community Nursing Service Development has a duration of three semesters and subjects studied are:


Legislation and organizing community care services nationally and internationally

Applications of research in community nursing

Community Services Management

State's community care areas. National Health Programs

Environmental hygiene problems and their implications on human health

Social Work in Community Nursing website. Ethics and Deontology

Communication skills for nurses

Features of ethnicities, beliefs and spiritual care

Identification of maternal-fetal and pediatric issues in the community. Maternal abandonment

Community health issues specific to adolescence: drug-

violence invulnerabilitatea

Elder care at home

Motor recovery, reintegration and rehabilitation care in community nursing

Human rights and abuse of persons

Palliative care in the context of community services

Community settlements disadvantaged population-categories


Registration of candidates

General Conditions:


Romanian citizen or to be one of the EU Member States or S.E.E.;
to have completed some form of higher education with a bachelor's degree in specialty master.


Tuition fee is 1500 EUR / semester.


Theme and bibliography

Theme and references to competition in September 2009 session

1. Defining the health care community

2. Conceptual models of health care in the community

3. Abraham Maslow's theory of Virginia Henderson and the model of care

4. Nursing Process

5. The role and functions of community nurse

6. The concept of man, family, community

7. Concept of health

8. The concept of primary care

9. Community needs assessment

10. Family health assessment

11. Needs for care and education throughout life

12. Vulnerable populations who need community care


1. Madalina Manea, Scientific Basis of Nursing. ALMA Publishing House, Craiova, 2008

2. Madalina Manea, Trăistaru Ana Maria Nursing in Family Medicine, Medical University Publishing House, Craiova, 2006

3. Madalina Manea, Trăistaru Ana Maria, Community Nursing Course, FMAM, UMF Craiova

4. Test License Key Faculty of Midwifery and Nursing, Medical Specialization, 2009 (found on the website of the institution www.umfcv.ro)


1. For admission to MA will support competition, budget places are filled in the order obtained marks
2. The form of the contest is graded test.
3. Candidates tie score will be equal to the average graduate of the faculty

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