UMF Craiova Manifest: Your body. Your Power

UMF Craiova Manifest: Your body. Your Power

November 24, 2022

UMF Craiova Manifest : Your body. Your Power


November 26th is World Iron Deficiency Day. UMF Craiova is engaging with the international medical community in efforts to raise awareness of this health issue and is organising the March "Your body. Your power".

Tiredness, exhaustion, insomnia, irritability and concentration difficulties, low immunity, cold intolerance, depression, physical and mental fatigue are just some of the signs our body gives us to let us know that it needs our care and attention. The cause may be iron deficiency.

The elderly, women, children, infants and pregnant women are groups at increased risk of iron deficiency anaemia.

On the other hand, patients with heart failure, BII, chronic kidney disease may have iron deficiency regardless of the presence of anaemia.

Come on 26th November, 12.00 noon, in Mall Electroputere, and you will meet the UMF Craiova students, who, together with their professors, renowned doctors, will distribute explanatory, enlightening materials, will present reliable information resources, will show us the power we must not lose, namely the chance to stay healthy or to become healthy again.

It's your body, it's your strength! We stand by you. 

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