Human Genomics Laboratory (LGU)

Human Genomics Laboratory (LGU)

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HGL is part of the Craiova Center of Diagnostic and Treatment.


 HGL has a complex mission including the implementation of an integrated vision upon Human Genetics, referring to: Clinical Medical Genetics and laboratory genetics diagnosis, specific medical education and research-development-innovation like activities. Since foundation, HGL has become regional center for training Medical Genetics` Department interns.





HGL diagnostic activities are performed within three main modules with complementary activities: Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics and Cell Cultures.

Providing these modules with modern systems of advanced genetic analysis allows comprehensive assessments in various medical fields such as: Gastroenterology, Oncology / Hematology, prenatal diagnosis and neonatal, pediatrics, etc. Available genetic methods include: Classical and Molecular Karyotyping (Comparative Genomic Hybridization), Real-Time PCR, Microarray, sequencing and analysis of DNA fragments (eg: MLPA).

HGL is continuously developing, not only through high technology specific equipment, but also through introducing and optimizing new methods of assessing human genome and training the employees. This process is improved through the laboratory staff participation in over 20 national/international infrastructure research/development projects.

Laboratory arrangement and high performance equipment acquisition was achieved due to TARGET ( Research and Treatment Center in Gastroenterology using imagistic methods and molecular techniques) – financed by ANCS with over 10 million euros.

The most important research projects in progress include: REACT (Real-time Evaluation of Treatment Effects in Advanced ColorecTal Carcinoma) - Suport - Bridge Grants and TANDEM (Concurrent Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus; unraveling the causal link, and improving care) – FP7 (The Seventh Framework Programme).


HGL is located in the New Building of Craiova Medicine and Pharmacy University ( at the basement, 1 Mai Boulevard), next to the County Emergency Hospital of Craiova. The contact between the laboratory and the patients is realized through HGL doctors. 




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