Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Main tasks:

- ensures the preparation of the formalities for the competition for vacant posts for auxiliary and non-teaching staff and is responsible for organising them in optimal conditions, in accordance with the legislation in force;
- provides the secretariat of the competition committees for filling vacancies and draws up the documents relating to the employment of successful candidates, based on the minutes of the competition committees in accordance with the legal provisions;
- organises competitions for the promotion of employees in professional grade, within the limits of the allocated salary budget;
- draws up the documentation for the conclusion, amendment, suspension and termination of the individual employment contract, in accordance with the legislation in force;
- draws up the documentation for determining basic salaries, merit bonuses, seniority brackets and other allowances;
- assists management staff in drawing up job descriptions. He/she is responsible for and keeps records of them, in accordance with legal provisions;
- draws up, manages and is responsible for employee files, in accordance with legal provisions;
- ensures the updating of the database specific to human resources activities;
- draws up the formalities relating to participation in further training courses;
- ensures that rest leave is entered into the database on the basis of employees' requests for such leave, sick leave, etc;
- draws up the documentation on the proposal to impose disciplinary sanctions on employees, on the basis of reports from the hierarchical superiors, in compliance with the legal provisions;
- requests and centralises, in accordance with the legal provisions, the individual performance appraisal sheets of employees;
- annually validates the staff's service cards;
- issues, on request, certificates of employment, seniority and gross salary entitlements (basic salary, merit pay, seniority bonus, etc.);
- enforces the legal provisions on retirement on grounds of age or invalidity. Issues to the employee, upon fulfilment of the legal conditions, the documents necessary for the submission of the retirement documentation to the County Pension House;
- Requests the staff to draw up and/or update the declarations of assets and declarations of interests and ensures the management of these documents, according to the legislation in force;
- draws up and updates the register of employees, in accordance with the legislation in force;
- is responsible for the confidentiality of data to which he/she has access, other than public data;
- draws up pay slips for salaries, based on the centralisation of data from timesheets, holiday leave requests and sick leave;
- is responsible for ensuring that salary payments are made correctly within the legal deadline;
- is responsible for submitting the single 112 declaration to the competent authorities within the legal deadline;
- issues binding decisions, subject to legality, on the institution's staff matters;
- updates the ROI and ROF of the institution with the changes and additions to the legislation in force.

Director Human Resources - Ec. Matei Aurica

Coordinator of the Personnel Department -  Adm. fin. Glăvan Titina

Coordinator of the Payroll Department -  Adm. fin. Tobă Amalia Ramona

Contact: Tel/Fax 0251533218; 0351443675; switchboard 0351443500; extension 4025; 4027; 4028


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