Social service and building management

Social service and building management

The Social Service and Buildings Management is headed by a Head of Service who reports to the Director of Human Resources and has the following main duties:

(a) providing accommodation in hostels, their maintenance and repair;

b) allocating the accommodation released in such a way as to ensure the minimum cost/place of accommodation throughout the academic year;

c) ensuring the provision of services (laundry, pest control, sanitation, refrigeration, cash registers);

d) ensuring that food is served to teaching staff and students in the canteen, in hygienic conditions.

sanitary conditions in accordance with ASPDolj norms and at affordable prices;

e) ensuring the proper accounting and distribution of students' scholarships and the settlement of travel tickets;

f) ensuring the supply of cleaning, repair and maintenance materials necessary for the proper functioning of the dormitories and canteen.

Head of Service

Ec. Elena Khalaf



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