Informatics, Communication and Statistics Department

Informatics, Communication and Statistics Department


dr. Nicolae Cătălin Manea
2 Petru Rareș Street
Craiova 200349
Tel: 0351 443 500

Main tasks:

The Informatics and Multimedia Department (DIM) ensures the development and operation of the informatics infrastructure of the educational and administrative system of UMF Craiova and coordinates the activity of IT management at the institution. The structure operates under the Rector's authority, fulfilling the following roles:
DIM is divided into three distinct entities:

1. Infrastructure, Communications and Statistics Office

  • Monitors and maintains data and voice communications infrastructure;
  • Designs and implements data and voice communications infrastructure;
  • Ensures cybersecurity in the University's internal network and eliminates the risk of external (internet) attacks.
  • Sets up new user accounts, member groups, etc.;
  • Allocates rights to folders;
  • Upgrades security patches to servers, routers, switches and other IT devices;
  • Manages e-mail addresses for UMF Craiova employees;
  • Manages web servers;
  • Manages the network of switches and routers of the communication nodes.


  • Lucian Gabriel Popescu - Office Manager
  • Paul Andrei Olaru - system engineer
  • Caragea Oprea - technician
  • Adriana Deaconu - secretary

2. IT, Installation and Service Office

  • Maintains the data and voice communications infrastructure;
  • Designs and develops data and voice communications infrastructure;
  • Prepares technical briefs, product analysis and IT solutions;
  • Maintains, installs and repairs hardware and software of servers, computers, laptops, printers, MFPs and peripherals on the UMF Craiova campus;
  • Installs and configures new networked computing systems and creates back-up images of them;
  • Provides technical support to the end user (students, teaching staff, administrative staff) in the use of computing systems;
  • Deals with data recovery from workstations that are irreparably damaged;
  • Troubleshoots problems with the Internet connection of computer systems;
  • Create and manage the subsidiary websites (design, graphics, pagination).


  • Nicu Cătălin Păunescu - Office Manager
  • Mihai Sandu - computer scientist
  • Răzvan Sabin Stan - system engineer
  • Seed Kenan - computer scientist
  • Adrian Viorel Tudor - technician

3. Centre for Applied Simulation in Medicine
The Centre for Applied Simulation in Medicine (CSAM) represents an important investment in the training of future doctors, offering an educational process at European standards thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and simulators.
The aim of the CSAM is to facilitate the process of learning and strengthening the skills and practical abilities of medical professionals trained at the UMF in Craiova in an organized and safe environment that faithfully reproduces clinical reality, under the supervision of competent instructors.
The objective is for each student to fully complete and master the full range of practical skills by the end of their studies at UMF.

Cristina Vangheli - medical assistant
Mihaela Diaconu - medical assistant

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